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Somerset along with the rest of Health Education South West (HESW) offer a wide range of opportunities that are not available elsewhere. As well as training in a beautiful part of the country by a team of dedicated GP trainers and educators, there are many other prospects on offer. These can all make you stand out from the crowd when applying for future positions, and can provide links with different areas to develop your portfolio.



In Somerset we offer HESW scholarship programmes during ST3 which extend your training by 1 to 3 months, allowing you to have time off during the work week to work in a number of different areas. The purpose of these roles is to;

  • Offer the opportunity to develop understanding and skills in different areas
  • Disseminate excellence throughout the GP training programme
  • Develop skills to further careers and develop interests for a portfolio career
  • Make links with local organisations and individuals across the county
  • Allow the chance to attend many career-developing courses as part of individual scholarships

There is a chance to further your interest in areas such as; Leadership, Education, Substance Misuse, Public Health, Dementia, Health Inequalities, Sustainability and Social Media.

You can find more information about these on the Severn Deanery website: http://www.primarycare.severndeanery.nhs.uk/training/trainees/scholarships/


Global Health Placements:

There are scholarships and fellowships available to new applicants (and possibly current ST1s) to participate in a Global Health Out Of Programme Experience (OOPE). Training is extended to 4 years and 3 months, which includes a 12 month placement through Africa Health Placements, between ST2 and ST3. Funding is given to attendance to the Cheltenham Crash Course in Overseas Medicine, and there is a bursary to cover the academic fees of the Diploma in Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Course at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, before embarking on the 12 month OOPE.

Applications for this exciting placement should be made at the time of application for GP Speciality Training, but occasionally additional places may become available, and then current ST1s will be invited to apply.

There is much more information about these placements available on the Severn Deanery website: http://www.primarycare.severndeanery.nhs.uk/training/trainees/out-of-programme-experience-and-opportunities-oope/


GP Leadership and Excellence Training Extensions:

After joining forces with Peninsula Deanery, and exciting new opportunity has developed in Somerset. We are now offering trainees the chance to gain experience and skills in leadership and change management by embarking on a Leadership Programme. The focus of these projects has been around health initiatives and important changes to service have been achieved in areas such as Dementia Care, Troubled Families, Patient Safety and the development of a Frailty Service, but a trainee's personal interests can be taken into account when developing a project.

This is offered to trainees in ST3 who are on course for a satisfactory completion of CCT, and extend their training to include an ST4 year


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